Booster Draft FNM 4:30 PM - $13.00 5-3-2-2
Standard FNM - 7:00 PM $10.00
Modern FNM - 7:00 PM $10.00

Heroclix events are held most Fridays at 6:30 PM.

Fantasy Flight Games - Our most popular line of board games and living card games are made by FFG! We carry quite a few titles from this company and can't say anything bad about any of the products other than there is not enough time to play all of the games at once!

Force of Will TCG Held Tuesdays at 6 PM

We Offer - Booster Packs & Boxes, Intro Packs,  Fat Packs, Singles, Deckbuilders Toolkits and Accessories!

Pokemon TCG events are held most Saturdays at 4 PM

Cryptozoic Entertainment - All those Deck Building Games! DC Deckbuilder is one of the most popular games we currently stock!

Dragonball Z TCG Events are held at 4 PM on Saturdays!

Wednesday Booster Drafts - Events are single elimination "On Demand" with registration starting at 4:30 PM with a new event beginning every time 8-players sign up!
Saturday Modern Magic - 1 PM - Swiss Rounds Only

We also run a variety of awesome main events such as Pre-Releases and Team Sealed Trios Events.


Store Address
9258 Market Square Drive
Streetsboro, OH 44241

Store Phone (330) - 346 - 0847

Store Hours
Tuesday-Friday - 4 PM - End of Gaming (Could be as early as 8 PM or as late as 1 AM!)
Saturday  - Noon to 8 PM (or end of gaming. Special Events may change our Saturday hours.)
Sunday- 12 PM to 6 PM
Monday - Closed